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Staying Focused

From majestic cliffs to serene lakes, “La Vie Nous Appartient” is a cinematographer’s dream. Even so the beautiful settings present their own series of obstacles that make shooting this film a particular challenge. The most obvious difficulty is that the whole film is shot outdoors.  That means being at the mercy of the weather, an element beyond our control, and coping with noisy planes overhead (director Alex Lee’s least favorite set intruder).

Despite some beautiful results, the wind can also be a challenge.

Today we had a new challenge, which was to film in the extremely low light of a cave.  A major obstacle to photography (more…)

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Film on the Edge

Formed from the remains of an ancient ocean, the cliffs of Peilstein have inspired a sense of wonder and awe since prehistoric times. Originally home to Druids who worshiped nature from on top of the massive stone cliffs, Peilstein now hosts scores of rock climbers who travel from around Europe to test themselves against the area’s 400 plus climbing routes. This week it has taken on a new role hosting the cast and crew of “La Vie Nous Appartient” as filming finally got underway.

It’s not hard to see what makes this region a perfect setting.


While this dramatic location makes a perfect setting for “La Vie Nous Appartient”, having to film on top of shear faced cliffs presents a number of challenges, not least of which


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