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Thank you Jesús Palacios for this awesome review from the premiere of “La Vie Nous Appartient” at Gijón:






The review is available only in Spanish right now, but here are some quotes:

“… beautiful, simple and necessary.”

“… an intelligent, funny and sensitive review of (a) romantic myth”

“… brilliantly written, (providing) a refined sensitivity to the reality of the feelings and experiences of adolescents”

We are more than excited that our movie is receiving such a great response! Truly humbled!

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This week our two actors, the director and part of our team, visited the rainy, but picturesque Spanish town of Gijón, to present “La Vie Nous Appartient” to an attentive festival audience. This was the first screening of our film, so we were naturally very nervous about how it would be received. Here is the link to the press conference at Gijón, held to announce the World Première that night: LVNA press conference

To our amazement, the response both of the adult, as well as the young audience, was astounding! Both large venues were packed, with reactions during and after the film exceeding all our expectations. We were especially humbled by the large teen audience at the impressive Teatro de la Laboral, which grilled us with great questions at the 2! hour Q & A session after the film.

Florent signing autographs after the Q & A in Gijón

The première at Gijón was also the first time that our protagonists Alix and Florent saw the film in its entirety, and it was especially important to us that we create something that they can be proud of, deserving of the great talents that they are. So our immense indebtedness goes to them, as well as the entire crew, and our public and private supporters, for making this film possible.

While another great French film, “La Cité Rose”, won the “Enfant Terribles” section that we competed in – congratulations! – we are grateful to the Gijón International Film Festival for providing us this opportunity to present our film in such a rewarding and welcoming environment, alongside such a great selection of films. Thank you for the memorable experience!

Our wonderful actors at the Gijón Festival gala

Our wonderful actors at the Gijón Festival gala

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In case any of you is in northern Spain next week, these are the dates and locations for our screenings at the Gijón International Film Festival:

Thursday, Nov. 21, 20:00 at Cines Centro, screening room 5


Friday, Nov. 22, 9:30 at the Teatro de la Laboral

The screening on Thursday is the world premiere of the film, so don’t miss it if  you’re there! The competition is amazing, so the Festival is definitely worth the visit, not only for our movie. Here’s the link to the Gijón program and ticket info: http://en.fic.gijon.es/

Wish us luck!

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LVNA at Gijon!

We are proud to announce that “La Vie Nous Appartient” will be screened November 21st and 22nd at the Gijon International Film Festival in Spain! The movie will compete in the “Enfants Terribles” selection of the festival, a section devoted to movies for children and youths. Here’s the link:


Nous sommes fiers d’annoncer que “La Vie Nous Appartient” sera diffusé le 21 et 22 Novembre au Festival international du Film à Gijon en Espagne! Le film sera en compétition dans la catégorie “Enfants Terribles”, une section consacrée à des films parlant des enfants et les jeunes.

Wir geben stolz bekannt, dass “La Vie Nous Appartient” am 21. und 22. November im Internationalen Film Festival Gijon in Spanien gezeigt wird! Der Film wird im “Enfants Terribles”  Bewerb antreten, der Kinder- und Jugendfilmen gewidmet sein wird.

Watch our new trailer!

We have already shown you the mini-teaser of “La Vie Nous Appartient”, and with our movie now starting to screen at festivals, we can present you a more extensive teaser! Enjoy!

Nous vous avons déjà montré le mini-teaser de “La Vie Nous Appartient”. Comme notre film va bientôt être diffusé dans les festivals, nous pouvons vous présenter notre nouveau teaser, en espérant qu’il vous plaira!

Wir haben euch schon vor einiger Zeit den Mini-Teaser von “La Vie Nous Appartient” gezeigt. Jetzt, wo unser Film bald auf Festivals zu sehen sein wird, können wir euch auch unseren neuen umfangreicheren Teaser präsentieren! Wir hoffen, er gefällt!

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